Such happy fields, abodès so calm as thine;
Not like an outcast with himself at strife.

These are some lines written by the great poet William Wordsworth in praise of his beloved home the Lake District in North-Western England. Dotted with picturesque mountains, pristine lakes and lush green dales, Lake District’s ethereal beauty prompted the trio of great romantic poets, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey to explore uncharted realms of their creativity.

Elysian plains revisited

Kolkata’s Lake District is an endeavour on our part to recreate the magical beauty of its namesake. Nestled in the emerald greens, overlooking Salt Lake across Swabhumi – the heritage park, and adjacent to Subhas Sarobar, Lake District is indeed a soothing balm for tired eyes and hearts, with its evergreen and unpolluted visage.

In nature and the language of the sense,
The anchor of my purest thoughts…

Zoom home through the congestion free Eastern By-pass. Lake District is conveniently accessible to all the prime locations of North and East Calcutta, the Airport, Duncan Gleneagles and ESI hospitals, Nicco Park, Bidhan Nagar Railway Station and State Bus terminal. It will also be a stone’s throw away from the proposed Kolkata Stock Exchange and the upcoming Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Heaven-born freedom

Lake District encompasses three hundred and fifty apartments in blocks of four eight-storied and one twelve-storied buildings. Meticulously planned, Lake District offers you a host of luxuries so that you can live like a king.

Hours of Splendour

We feel that you can only enjoy the myriad pleasures of life to the fullest when you feel absolutely safe and secure. What adds to the joie de vivre is the no-tension smooth running of your day-to-day life.

New-born Day

Health is a key factor in enjoying life to the fullest, especially with the demands of high-pressure jobs. We firmly believe that, a healthy family is a truly happy family. Geared towards making your family fit and providing them adequate sources of entertainment, we have Xanadu-the Lifestyle Club that provides the following features.