We have invested our best effort in making Dimple Plaza as one of the Calcutta’s best shopping plaza. Shopping on 3rd and 4th floor-sounds tough? Come and feel the smooth and enjoyable riding by lifts with complete glass walls, a powerful centrally air-conditioning system will keep you cool while it is hot and sticky outside. Kids will be busy in watching exciting cricket match or funny cartoons of Tom and Jerry on CTV screens and will not disturb their parents while they are shopping.

A powerful gen-set will ensure all normal services within few seconds in case of power cuts.

Want to know more about this Pride of Calcutta?

Intercom, individual water cooler on each floor, modern fire fighting system, a state of art exterior and interior design, smartest security system, soft music through central music system, fire and burglary alarm, emergency lights and much more.

Moreover your customers will love to come for shopping where they will get maximum variety in more than 150 shops in this dream land.

Centrally Air-conditioned

Air conditioning plant(s) would be installed on each floor to keep you cool. The system is powerful enough to maintain comfortable temperature against all adverse factors. Each floors constant temperature can be maintained by setting desire temperature by thermostat switches

Capsule Lifts

You will get a wonderful view of outside while gently riding the lifts between the floors. These capsule lifts are installed in front of the building and would be covered by passengers who can travel at a time in two lifts with world’s latest technology supplied by OTIS

Stand-by Gen-set

Gen-set of the complex is capable of bearing the full load of building including air conditioning plant, lift and 500 watts for each shop. Emergency lights will be on between power cuts and starting of generator. A small gen-set will supply power for security purposes when the market is closed


20 nos. CTV will beam the popular programs during the market hours. Soft music can be heard during shopping hours through a centralised system. Wonderful sites can be viewed through tinted and set reflective glass panels


Each shop will have an intercom connection. All facilities inside the shopping complex would also be connected to the intercom system. Conceal P & T wiring will also be provided for each shop

Safety and Security

Emergency lights, electrical and non electrical fire fighting system, two nos. extra stair case (spiral) for exit during emergency, anti theft/burglary alarm, public addressing system etc will be provided. In case of power cuts during closing hours, lights required for safety purpose will be adequate for use of security personnel who will be on alert for 24 hours for safety for the complex. They will be specially trained to handle the fire fighting system, fire and anti theft/burglary alarm etc in case of emergency in addition to their routine job. Security officers will be provided with wireless communication sets. Shop owners can contact these officers through their intercom also

State-of art - Exterior and Interior

We have put in out best efforts to make this complex one of the best shopping plaza. Specially planned and designed interiors with the amenities will make it a paradise for the shoppers. Wide passages with marble/granite floors, clean and hygienic adequate and proper lights, attractive false ceilings and many other features makes it a class of it’s own