A landmark project of the 30-year-old Prasad Group, Altitude 16 is located at 16, Elgin Road. This single-tower B+G+23 masterpiece offers 45 world-class apartments, duplexes and penthouses for high-end home buyers in Kolkata.

Enjoy 70% open space with state-of-the-art amenities, exquisite landscaping, specifications, and ample parking space. Enjoy a spectacular view of the iconic Victoria Memorial from the upper floors. Proximity to important landmarks like the Forum Mall, Bhawanipur College and Netaji Bhawan makes Altitude 16 a piece of luxury worth owning.
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the ALTITUDE 16 experience

Opportunities unfold when life is at the right juncture. A position that can rewrite tomorrow will hold heads high, and let you live life to its fullest.

That is all about living in a locale which only calls for luxury.

life as we know it

Living life in style is a statement. And luxury is known to be a state of mind.
What happens when they meet?

Everyday gets phenomenal and lifestyle becomes nonpareil.

don’t mould their minds, let them unfold

If children are clay, we keep casting our impression. But at Altitude 16, they will learn how to think, not what to think. A mind with wings and a soul that is free, will go places. Those baby steps will cross many milestones, make new friends and create memories. And best friends are those who walk on four feet and add a pawsitive vibe. Furry friends who make our lives whole.

if care has a confidante, that is home

Some call a roof over the head, home. But home is one that does not only shelter but protects. Promises to look after at every step. Because no matter how big we grow and busy we get, the ones who took our responsibility once are the ones who need our time the most.

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if you fancy everything at your fingertips, you ought to choose
the centre spot
if you fancy everything at your fingertips, you ought to choose
the centre spot
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Prasad Group – a legacy of excellence over 3 decades.

The real estate division of Prasad Group is amongst the largest players in its field and has developed millions of square feet of real estate in and around Kolkata since its inception in the late 1980s. Its operations span across both, residential and commercial sectors, while encompassing all aspects of realty from initial land identification and acquisition, project planning, designing upto the final execution and delivery.

the perfect plan to a meticulous living

It takes a lot of hard work and years of planning to tailor stitch your dreams. That’s what our architects at the Prasad Group exactly understand. 3 sides open, well-ventilated bespoke custom built apartments are created as per your choice, exclusive at Altitude 16

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